Many public administrations, if not all, are always under pressure due to the request to provide their citizens with basic services. It is therefore essential for any public administration to have the ability to share information between multiple locations, maintaining a fast network, secure and reliable. 

Often this is not possible due to the absence or under-dimensioning of wired infrastructure.

Using SELIT products  you can discover all the benefits of wireless broadband technology. They are ideal for offices that require sharing policies, secure databases, financial documents, desktop applications, and other important data quickly and efficiently between two or more remote locations, such as police stations, firefighters, libraries, administrative offices, municipal offices, or hospitals. At the same time, these solutions are suitable to distribute the video surveillance networks for public safety applications.The SELIT products are also ideal for public networks that provide high-speed Internet access to businesses and residential users in urban and rural areas.

Broadband wireless access

Within any given metropolitan, suburban or rural area, broadband wireless access is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to realize your high performance network. Whether you’re creating a network from scratch, or need to augment or replace your existing wire line links, broadband wireless access is the most reliable and costeffective, high-speed data networking alternative you should know more about.

There is an obvious and increasing need for bandwidth. Multimedia content, such as Video, Music, Clips or Movies have been feeding this intrinsic infatuation for more capacity; this phenomenon has not only materialized in the advanced countries, but everywhere around the globe. Put simply, wireless is the lowest cost and most easily implemented solution today for the last mile.

SELIT solutions for broadband Wireless support multiple wireless network topologies and network management functions, including bandwidth management, traffic shaping, QoS and security for reliable delivery of data, voice and video services.


Security and surveillance is one of the fastest growing applications for fixed wireless equipment. Government agencies, municipalities, and private enterprises are all in the process of enhancing security through the use of increased video surveillance.

SELIT wireless bridges have been designed to work seamlessly with IP video Codecs and cameras to provide highly flexible surveillance solutions that can rapidly deployed where it would be physically or financially prohibitive using traditional hardwired CCTV.

Enterprise Interbuilding Connectivity

The Enterprise Interbuilding Connectivity is ideal for Private Companies, Government, municipalities, operators and wireless ISPs that are deploying city hotzones and even citywide wireless networks.

It can also be used for connecting remote office buildings that are impossible to connect using wired alternatives, including networks separated by difficult terrains, railroads, or bodies of water at large distances. Carriers will find this solution attractive because it can be used to distribute fiber optic network capacity and acts as a broadband backbone for DSL switches and routers.

The Enterprice Interbuilding Connectivity is also recommended for university campuses and corporate locations with numerous buildings spread out over a significant area. Designed as an integrated system that is easy to install, is a cost-effective solution for wireless projects.


A HotSpot is any location where Wi-Fi broadband network access is made publicly available through a WLAN. HotSpots are often located in heavily populated places and typically have a short range of access; are tipically located at restaurants, train stations, airports, libraries, coffee shops, bookstores, fuel stations, department stores, supermarkets and other public places. Many universities and schools have wireless networks in their campus.

From the Technical point of view, HotSpots consist of one or several wireless access points installed inside buildings and/or adjoining outdoor areas. These APs are typically networked to printers and/or a shared high-speed Internet connection.SELIT is able to provide a range of equipment for the implementation of wireless HotSpot both for indoors and outdoors use, with omnidirectional or directive coverage.The SELIT equipments for HotSpot are available for both wired and wireless network infrastructures; in the first case, the connection to the wired LAN is via ethernet port, while in the second case the HotSpot is equipped of an additional Wireless radio card that works on the 5GHz band.

In addition to the hardware, SELIT is able to supply software for accounting and authentication (Radius Server) who provides to authenticate users in one or more of the HotSpot and maintain logs of navigation in accordance with the requirements of the law (where needed).You can also create different profiles of navigation (based on time/traffic, etc..) who can be assigned to users as well as generating prepaid cards, authenticate users with SMS (using an external SMS gateway).

The Radius Server software is able to handle unlimited users that can be connected to different HotSpot located everywhere and also assigned to different networks. SELIT technical support is at your disposal for any further information and to advise the best solution for your needs.