Terms and conditions


  1. Transport: the goods travel at the customer’s risk and peril even if sold ex-works.
  2. Complaints and Returns: complaints and / or returns after 8 days from receipt of goods without written notice will not be accepted.
  3. Transfer of ownership: the goods are sold with a “reserved domain agreement” pursuant to art. 1523 of the civil code.
  4. Delayed Payment: in case of late payment, interest will be applied at the Prime Rate A.B.I. increased by 5%.
  5. Pa Payments: the maximum payment term for public administration companies is 60 days DF as established by Legislative Decree n. 192/2012 which transposes the directive 2011/7 / EU on the subject.
  6. Signature for acceptance: by signing at the bottom of each commercial and / or revective offer document, all conditions of sale and provision of services contained therein are accepted, including any notes.
  7. Jurisdiction: the Court of Perugia is competent for any controversy.
  8. Privacy: Your data will be processed in compliance with the Privacy Code D.L. 196/03 for contractual and regulatory purposes, including accounting and tax purposes.



  1. Technical data: The technical data provided refer to the technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer. In Wireless connections they presuppose an adequate “Link budget”, optical visibility between the antennas (LOS), Fresnel area free from obstacles, absence of radio interference.
  2. Quality of service: By definition, it is not possible to guarantee quality of service on radio links that use frequencies of free use in the shared band (without interference protection – eg 2.4GHz / 5GHz etc.) “Extract from AGCOM resolution no. 183/03 / CONS art. 4 paragraph 1 “. Only with the use of frequencies on licensed bands with interference protection is it possible to calculate the efficiency and guarantee the quality of the service.
  3. Additional services: Unless explicitly mentioned, the sales prices of the products do not include any type of service. Upon specific commercial offer, network analysis and design services, equipment configuration, Link Budget as well as support tickets and technical advice are available.
  4. Compliance: All devices sold by SELIT s.r.l. have CE marking and Declaration of Conformity as required by the R & TTE directive 2014/53 / UE. For some devices, however, there may be restrictions on use in some countries. The installer is therefore required to check in advance any limitations in the country of installation and use the devices in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the standards in force in the country of installation.
  5. Warranty: All products are covered by warranty in accordance with current legislation limited to what is indicated by the manufacturer.